Break-dancing in the Olympics – 2019 NPR Article

Hasn’t been a lot of news lately about breaking in the Olympics, but back when it was announced in 2019 there were quite a few articles discussing the addition. This one hails from NPR, check it out.

Couple things to note; it does not mention how the competition will be judged, which is the most concerning part of the whole situation. Other important factors that I’m sure will come into play are, will Dj’s be able to play any music they want, and are competitors tested for PED or marijuana for that matter. We will updated as more information becomes available, and if you’d like to discuss, visit the forums HERE.

B-boy Orbitron (Circle of Fire), Won’t Stop

Most of the OG b-boys know of Orbitron from Circle of Fire. His upsidown style was incredibly fresh when he was battling in the early 2000s. Not a lot of people know he’s also an incredible emcee; doing a lot of work in the community to uplift the emcee scene, and also producing some fresh tracks. Check out his latest: “Won’t Stop”.