STANCE – Mental Fusion vs STO [finals]

As a US citizen, it still astounds me that there are places in the world that are still throwing jams. The United States has done such a piss poor job at handling the Coronavirus, there is a chance we will not be able to throw jams for another year, maybe longer. It’s extremely embarrassing and very humbling to know the US is crashing and burning when it comes to the situation.
On the other hand, we are glad that other areas of the world are doing well and the vibe continues to flow. Check out Mental Fusion vs STO at Invincible Breaking Summer Jam from several weeks ago:

Red Bull BC One Postpones 2020 World Finals

Red Bull BC One has officially cancelled it’s 2020 season due to the Corona Virus. Not really a surprise to anyone, but sad none the less. Statement from their website below:

Red Bull BC One, including the 2020 World Final and its qualifying events (Cyphers and Camps), is postponed to 2021. We look forward to serving the community once again in 2021 with an even bigger competition series, and we are excited to see the breaking community back on the Red Bull BC One stage. We will continue to provide breaking content and digital experiences on our Red Bull BC One channels, and we look forward to announcing plans for the future when these are in place then.

DeGuzman Does Bust-a-Groove

Me and the brothers used to play this game when we were kids. I guess I never realized how much influence it had on me until now. Used to wanna break like Heat, not knowing how sick the style was until watching it now, years later. If I had to bet, I would say they might have hired Kenny to be the dancer for that section. Oh, and the locking is super solid as well. Props to Jay DeGuzman for putting in the work to re-interpret.

Might 4 Seattle – Final Battle – Massive Monkees vs Young Kings

Mighty 4 Seattle last weekend was a blast. Had that real nice old school vibe feel. Cyphers, hype battles, and good vibes. Final battle ended up being Young Kings (Buckshot and Run) vs Massive Monkees (Thesis and Tim the Pitt). Massive came away with the win with some awesome routines and strong solos. Added round at the end was strange and unfair for those who plan for a certain number of rounds. Overall, great jam. Much props to the Mighty 4 and Zulu team for putting it together:

“The Present” By VillN, M-PACT, & Logistx

This next generation of b-boys/b-girls is quickly becoming characterized by high level video production and choreography, something we really haven’t seen in this culture. Case in point, videos like this, produced by VillN, M-Pact, and Logistx. We are particularly excited about this because it means new sources of revenue for the dancers that are able to pull it off well.